AtoFina – Beaumont TX

This is a well thought out course on troubleshooting and problem solving techniques. I feel that anyone will gain from this course. The IEC Simulators go from very simple to very complex. Could spend more time, maybe three days.

Jimmy Boles, AtoFina - Beaumont TX

It did meet my objectives and expectations. I think it is very effective on sharpening our skills. It gives very good hands on skills on something that you can’t shut-down. The only time we get to test our skill is when something is broke in our plant. The IEC Simulator is a great tool to sharpen our skills. Also I would like to comment on Sam’s great troubleshooting skills. He showed me some new tricks that will benefit my troubleshooting skills.

Michael E. Gill, AtoFina - Beaumont TX

The course met my objective and expectations by how well the product was and how well it was taught. The course was very effective on how to troubleshoot circuits and know where to go when looking for voltage or no voltage. I also feel that everybody associated with this product can benefit from this course.

Thomas Hardin, 7 years I/E experience, AtoFina - Beaumont TX

This course was well laid out. I liked the hands on type method. It helped me formulate a plan of attack on troubleshooting problems. I think it would benefit all of my coworkers.

George K. McGilbery, 25 years I/E experience, AtoFina - Beaumont TX

Probably the best work simulation station I have seen. Lots of hands on time. Was the most of any classes I’ve been in (that’s good). Presentation was great and Sam Thompson was smart and right to the point. I will recommend that other I/E personnel from our plant get a chance to come to this class. Found nothing negative.

Hank Booker, 25 years I/E experience, AtoFina - Beaumont TX

I sincerely recommend this course to every I&E employee. It will help cut cost and increase profit. Mr. Sam Thompson is a great trainer (Instructor).

Servelio Camacho, 10 years I/E experienceAto-Fina Beaumont,TX

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