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Industrial Interlock & Control Circuitry Troubleshooting Class

Course Purpose: The course is flexible enough to meet individual troubleshooting skills from entry level to the most experienced technician. This workshop is designed to teach the techniques and methodology of troubleshooting circuitry used to interlock equipment or control field devices.Emphasis on voltage checks, neutrals, grounds, relay logic, PLC logic, DCS logic, print reading skills and safe use of test equipment assures immediate benefits. Ninety percent of the workshop is hands-on activities solving simple to complex problems through the use of IEC Simulations’ schematics, interlock Simulator and test equipment. Individual skill level assessments are documented and average performance improvement in troubleshooting efficiency is 87%. May be used by client for PSM Compliance issues involving 3-year frequency for proof of knowledge, skills and abilities.
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Benefits from attending this workshop:

  • Troubleshoot control circuitry more efficiently.
  • Implement techniques into troubleshooting relay logic, PLC logic and DCS logic.
  • Understand differences in neutrals and grounds.
  • Troubleshoot with improved self confidence.
  • Read schematics.
  • Use test equipment in safe manner.
  • Understand criticality of accurate prints.
  • Develop index of all prints at participants’ site.

Employees Will:

  • Reduce downtime.
  • See improved workforce confidence.
  • Enjoy a safer workplace

Topical Outline:

  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Safety as applied to Hot, Neutral and Ground
  • Relay logic, PLC logic and DCS logic comparisons
  • Interlock and Control Circuitry
  • Print Reading, Print Accuracy, Print Indexing System
  • Introduction to Interlock Simulator
  • Apply group troubleshooting techniques to simple and complex problems
  • Apply individual troubleshooting techniques to simple and complex problems
  • Individual Skill Level Assessments on Day 1 and Day 2